Therapist’s Tip: Send Your Child With Autism To School




Parenting is a complete struggle, especially if you have a child who has a mental condition such as autism spectrum disorder. It is difficult to balance your work at home and your work in the office. At the same time, it is also challenging to handle the tantrums and other effects brought by the disorder. One of the reasons why you are probably experiencing difficulty in raising your child is the lack of the essential information about his condition. Unfortunately, there are a significant number of parents who have not fully understood what autism means and how it can affect the lives of their kids.


One of the several issues concerning kids with autism is their education. A common misconception is that these kids are incapable of going to school. The truth is contrary to this because autistic individuals are more in need of going to an educational institution. They have to learn in a special school, most importantly when it comes to proper behavior and the use of languages for communication. A lot of therapists recommend parents to ensure that their kids with autism should attend academic classes. These are the reasons why you must send your child to school notwithstanding his autism:




It Can Help Him Develop Their Interpersonal Skills

At this point, you are probably well aware that your little one struggles in building relationships with others. The reason behind this is that he has low interpersonal skills, usually brought about by his disorder. Sending him to a school wherein his classmates also have special needs will help your child improve the way he looks at relationships. He will feel more comfortable in connecting with others, once he realizes that many other kids are just like him. “Rather than focusing on weaknesses, find ways to assist your child in developing to his or her full potential. When encouraged, children will acquire talents to compensate for any deficiencies.” Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., LMFT explains.


His Teachers Can Teach Him A Lot Of Lessons

It is a fact that you can teach your child without the assistance of others. You can simply find the books or materials for your lectures. However, you also need to accept the fact that you are not equipped with the necessary skills on how to engage in special education. As such, you may experience several challenges when it comes to teaching your kid about the things they need to know. Save yourself from some trouble by enrolling him in a school for children with mental conditions.




You Can Save More Time

Another advantage of sending your beloved kid to a special school is that you get to spend more time with yourself. Take note that you also need to prioritize your well-being. Learn how to take a break by trusting your kid’s teacher that he can provide care for your little one while he is within the school facility. While your kid is at the school, you can go to work with peace of mind or attend special events with some friends. Remember that all teachers in special needs schools are equipped with knowledge and expertise in dealing with kids who are diagnosed with certain mental conditions. But of course, Francyne Zeltser, Psy.D.  still insists that “what’s more important than the quantity of time you spend with your kids is the quality of the time you do have together.”


“You know your children best. Doctors, teachers, therapists are all fantastic resources but if you don’t feel like you’re being heard, or your child’s needs are being met, it’s very reasonable to get a second opinion. Don’t be afraid to fight for your child and their needs. While the professionals are experts in their areas, you are the expert on your child.”  Dr. Darla Clayton, PsyD said. Your kid deserves to learn new things and to get out of the house once in a while. Let him attend classes. It will be highly beneficial for his condition.