6 Activities You Can Do With Your Child With Autism To Keep Them Entertained While In Quarantine

Routines faced interruptions because of the quarantine imposed by the government due to the coronavirus pandemic. Kids and teens alike are affected by this sudden change, especially children with autism. 

Adapting a new routine will help children with autism relax and cope with the unstable environment. And here are some fun and learning activities you can do with them to keep them entertained while in quarantine.

Household Chores

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One of the entertaining things you can do with your child with autism is household chores! Yes, cleaning the house, making their beds, and doing the dishes are some activities that can entertain your child.

Not only do these tasks distract them, but it can also be their outlet to release their stress from being locked at home. Incorporate a cleaning day in their schedule and let your child destress while helping you with the household chores.

Arts And Crafts

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Another fun and relaxing activity that you can do with your child involves arts and crafts. Painting, drawing, and creating things are some art activities that you can do at home.

Children with autism often struggle with verbal and social communication but are good at thinking visually and in pictures. Crafting with your child not only entertains them but also helps them have their medium for expressing their emotions.

Also, this can motivate them to learn and create while having fun. Your kid may also discover their artistic side and find a new hobby that they’ll love.

Online Learning

One of the critical activities that have been affected by this pandemic is learning. But that should not be the case. Going to school may not be possible now, but education can continue even at home.

Also, including online schooling in your child’s routine may give them back the sense of control that being in quarantine may have taken away. 

Take note, though, that what is happening in the world is very anxiety-inducing, especially for your child with autism. So, be ready to assist them with their education and take on the role of teachers in guiding them with their tasks.

Christopher Lynch Ph.D. shares, “Provide accommodations to address areas of struggle, modify tasks to suit each child’s unique learning style, alternate frustrating tasks that play to strengths, and provide with breaks as necessary.”

At the start, you may need your child to talk with their homeroom teacher to help them get used to the new setup. Remember that patience is the key to an excellent home-learning experience with your child.

Science Experiments

Another engaging learning activity that you can with your child is science experiments. Your child learns visually, and what better way to teach them scientific principles than by trying them at home!

The internet has a lot of fun and safe ideas for what you can do with your child. And for a more visual resource, you can look up experiments on YouTube. Some science activities will also be engaging sensory experiences for your kid.

Playing With Playdough

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One of the best aspects of play dough is its flexibility. It can be anything that your child wants it to be. Another excellent use of playing with playdough is that you can use it to practice your kid’s communication skills. You can ask to talk about what they are making and tell stories about it.

You can also make this task a fine motor practice for your child by letting them squeeze it, roll it, pound it, and maybe make it into a clay model of your family. However, you may need to test what play dough will be more suitable for your kid.

Dancing And Workout

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Another stress-relieving activity that you can with your child and other members of your family is exercising. YouTube has lots of videos to guide you and your kids in making your routine. You may also incorporate dancing in your workout and have fun while sweating out. 

Another fun way to engage them in these activities is to let them have a choice. You may make a choice board filled with these enjoyable tasks and have them pick the one that they like to do for the day.

This pandemic and our new normal may be challenging to adapt to, but that does not mean that you cannot have fun with your child while in quarantine.